PHV02 - Nipah Virus Vaccine

Nipah virus, a paramyxovirus whose wildlife reservoir is the fruit bat (genus Pteropus), has caused outbreaks early every year in Bangladesh since 2001 and occasionally in neighboring India, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Characteristics of Nipah virus infection that increase the risk of engendering a global pandemic include the susceptibility of humans coupled with the high rate of mutation which is inherent in RNA viruses. Together, these characteristics could support the emergence of a human-adapted strain capable of spreading rapidly by infecting communities with high population density and global interconnectedness.

Public Health Vaccines (PHV) is developing a live, attenuated single-dose Nipah virus vaccine utilizing the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) vector. PHV is using Nipah vaccine starting materials originally developed in the laboratory of Dr. Heinz Feldmann.

PHV, under a partnering agreement worth up to US$43.6 million with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI), is funded to advance the vaccine candidate through Phase 2 clinical testing.

As part of PHV’s collaboration with CEPI, PHV has launched the following website related to the Nipah Vaccine development effort.


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